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      • Sun, Sep 10 2017
        MSM in Monaco
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        MSM moves to new office
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      • Thu, Aug 06 2015
        MSM receives special recognition from Red Cross
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      • Mon, Mar 24 2014
        Viking Alsvin Inagural Team
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      • Fri, Nov 29 2013
        VRC Donating to RED CROSS
      • Sun, Nov 03 2013
        Recruitment Drive November 2013

Viking Alsvin Inagural Team

  • Viking Alsvin one of the few new longships of Viking River Cruises was inaguarated on 18 March 2014 along with our crewmembers, this was a bright day for Viking as they recieved an award from guinness world record of Most ships inaugurated in one day by one company.

    As the Guinness website states:


    "The most ships inaugurated in one day is 14 and was achieved by Viking River Cruises in Avignon, France, on 18 March 2014. The inauguration ceremony began in Amsterdam on 17 March where 7 ships were inaugurated. The ceremony ended 23 hours, 42 minutes and 59 seconds later in Avignon where three ships were inaugurated and a further four ships were blessed via live video link in Rostock."